Thursday, 21 June 2012

Freemason Degrees: The 33rd Degree Burn?

The 33rd Degree Burn?

This article is for those of you who are already familiar with some of the inner-workings of the Masons. If you’re only beginning to learn about the Freemason conspiracy and are asking: What is Freemasonry? What are Freemason Lodges? What do Freemasonic symbols mean? You need to do some more groundwork but you're in the right place, read on.

If you already know a little about Freemason degrees, Freemasonry symbols and Masonic ritual, if you have already been picking the scab that won’t come off trying to see how it all ‘fits together’ then read on, you’re in the right place too...

By now you should know that the Mason's claim they are not a religious organisation, that they do not focus on any particular personality of godhead, so as a result freemasonry is quite compatible with all religious beliefs.The belief in a creator is an essential feature for all Masons whether they actually adhere to their own religions or not. Atheists are not able to join as they do not fulfil one of the primary conditions i.e. belief in a supreme creator. By now you should also know that it is generally accepted that Scottish Rite Freemasonry has a total of 33 degrees with the 33rd being an 'honorary degree' and that York Rite Freemasonry has a total of 10 degrees. You should also know that the Masons simply love geometry and mathematical truths. Do you know why they do all this?

If you have delved deeper still, you will know that there's much more going on with Freemasonry than what appears on the surface. You will know that there are both seen and unseen sides to everything and what is generally known about the freemasons pales in comparison to what is generally hidden. Of course, freemasonry puts its best foot forward by reminding people they are nothing more than a fraternal organisation, who are charitable and concerned with truth. The real truth however, is that there is a darkness behind the light of illumination offered by freemasonry.

This current age of information and high speed internet has; after many centuries of speculation and intrigue, finally lead to a rapid exposure of the innermost darkest secrets of the Freemasons. At great risk and under fear of a gruesome death, documents, manuscripts and books have been leaked, secrets have been revealed.

Do you know there is evidence that the Freemasons do worship a certain form of godhead and that the only reason you are required to believe in a creator before joining is that you can be gradually groomed to eventually accept that the god you worshipped all along, that 'creator' you originally believed in, is actually a three-headed-monster with a crazy name! What do the freemasonic rituals and degrees actually represent? Who was Hiram Abiff and what is really going on with the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon?

Everything will be revealed in this collection of rare out-of-print books, texts, journals and manuscripts all about Freemasonry. These 120 books detail everything you need to know about their symbols, rituals, secrets handshakes, passwords and a lot more.  Shine a light on the mystery...what's going on behind the closed doors of the Lodge?

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